"The captain was an evil son of a bitch, and everyone aboard wished he was dead!"

Senior Security Executive and Subject-Matter Scribe pens first novella! 


BASED UPON A TRUE STORY - To paraphrase Sergeant Joe Friday of DRAGNET fame “the story you are about to read is partially true, many of the names have been changed...” Inspired by the events surrounding the tragic final voyage of the Motor Vessel GOLDEN VENTURE.”


JUST IMAGINE: the modern version of smoke-filled Chinese Opium Dens; pirate-like ship’s captain and crew; spies; Chinatown massage parlors and whorehouses; undercover agents and detectives; heroic rescuers at the shipwreck and on the high-seas, Coast Guard, police harbor units, and fireboats - THERE'S MORE - AVAILABLE AT AMAZON / KINDLE

SAFE HAVENS is a practical guide to crime prevention that helps transform fear into strength.  This user-friendly primer provides the resources and references necessary to detect and deter crime and to develop protective protocols for those entrusted with protecting the vulnerable against hate-based security threats.

“This world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower


American University and Colleges Press

"In these uncertain times, security consultants and their customers can be sure of one thing; you need this book! Don't cut corners with safety - security starts right here!" - William J. Gorta, former Associate Editor NY Post, Fulbright Research Fellow; Captain, NYPD (retired)



"A 'must have' guide for professional security consultants. Charlie Read has written the best study of security consulting on the full range of issues that a security consultant could encounter." - Sam J. Ofshinksy, formerly a Safety & Security executive with NBC and CBS and FBI Procurement and Contracting Agent.



 "...Major Read is a security professional with vast experience in developing and managing security programs, both as a special operations officer and as a civilian consultant..." - Richard F. Forno, Author; Incident Response, Former Senior Information Analyst, US House of Representatives                  


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